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Mastering the Art of Venetian Plastering The Venetian plastering has a long history. The plastering technique dates back to the ancient times. The first time people used Venetian plasters was in the 1500s. The Italians architectures started using the plastering method. “Stucco Veneziano” was the name people were using to refer to the stunning plasters. In the early times, the rich people in Venice used the Venetian plastering for decoration purposes. Afterward, the plastering method started spreading in Italy and Europe. Up to this period, many homes glorify and adore the Venetian plastering method. Venetian plasters comprise of several ingredients. Marble and lime are the key elements. Factories as well as people, however, use different ingredients in preparation of the plasters, some of them are pigment binders and acrylic. Synthetic polymers are essential any time a person want to enhance the durability of the Venetian plaster. The best thing with Venetian plasters is that they are stronger in comparison to marbles. When making Venetian plaster, you can use calcium hydroxide, fine marble powder mix, as well as slaked lime. Never the less, application of Venetian plaster require use of unique and critical skills. These days you can also pre-mix plasters. When it comes to applying Venetian plaster, not everyone may do it. Like any other activity, Venetian plastering will require a person to undergo certain training to acquire the skills. It will be a good option to seek the services of the firms that provide Venetian plastering services. If you are to get the best outcomes, having a professional do the plastering will be the best option. The ancient Romans and Greeks had to work hard to master the skills of plastering but these days it has become easy.
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A good number of individuals misunderstand Venetian plastering to be the same as paints. Moreover, the two are very different. Preparation of the plaster plays the bigger part in using the method. After they hold the trowel using the right angle and in the best way, the professionals achieve the results they desire. In the Venetian plastering process, a person who has experience will automatically create a perfect texture. To know the effect that you will expect from the final application process; it is best to ask the professional to apply a sample Venetian plaster on the wall.
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Sometimes, the plaster, will require treatment, and that is why it is critical to have a professional who can check the wall surface before application. All the walls should not have cracks as well as other problems. Venetian plaster application requires a plain wall. You will need to use sandpaper on walls with glossy finish. After removing the sheen, several coats of Venetian plastering will be best. Therefore, it is critical to use an expert to decorate your house using Venetian plastering.